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What is the duration of your course?
We have many different Online courses available, we call our main courses as "core" courses and usually the average run for the core courses is for 4 weeks (16 hours online LIVE and 30+ hours Streaming videos) instruction, each course meets twice in a week either on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday or Friday/Saturday between 8 PM and 10 PM EST (NEW YORK time).
Who is the target audience for this training course?
We have two tracks, one for the aspiring software test engineer and the other for developers, our training courses are designed for students seeking to have intermediate-advanced level of knowledge. However some of the recorded sessions also covers basic-introductory topics as well.
I'm enrolling into QTP/Selenium/SoapUI course but have NO knowledge of Scripting or Programming. Will I be able to handle this course?
QTP uses VBScript and if you need to master this tool then you are required to know VBScript and this is possible with you putting a little extra effort, a major part of our training session is dedicated for VBScript where we go through the covering major portions of VBScripting showing you as how you could create and use varaibles, arrays, functions as well as we guide you by providing lots of training material that can help you learn mastering advanced topics like writing code to connect to Databases using VBScript and we also point you to many online resources available for you to grasp that required knowledge as well. For Selenium though we do not expect you to know any programming language however it can be learnt faster if you know any of the programming languages like Java or C#.NET. Like we cover topics mentioned above for VBScript, in Selenium we cover Java language core features both in our LIVE sessions as well as with tons of supporting videos that we give you access to for a long period of time.
Where can I get software and will you provide the help in installing the software?
We will provide you a document explaining step-by-step instructions to download and install the trial version of most of the softwares needed for our courses, for courses like Selenium most of the softwares used are open-source as such are freely available to download.
Will you provide any course materials or additional documentation?
You will be given access to our website that hosts various applications for testing along with tons of relavent materials on the topics learning and any other related subjects.
Upon course completion will you be able to help prepare my resume and guide me for interview and find me a job?
Our placement rate is around 40%, there are 2 ways of looking at it, but we will make it easy for you, let us tell you why 60% of the folks were unable to find jobs, SIMPLE ANSWER, they were NOT SERIOUS preparing for the job, while you are training with us, we give you ASSIGNMENTS, these are real-life situations, if a student completes all such assignment and actively participates in our community groups those are the 40% who are successful and get jobs, we help you by letting you download some sample resumes/interview questions and refer you to our partners/affiliates who will work with you that might lead to finding a job, though we do help in placements and will do our best to find you a job, however it is NOT guaranteed and success comes to only such "qualifying" students and we DO NOT sugar-coat, we are stating the actual facts, if you work hard then you will be in that 40% group of successful candidates.
How do you charge for the course?
Our charges are listed throughout the website and you must already be knowing about them, however normally we charge through PayPal (Absolute NO REFUNDS after 24 hours of purchase- no exceptions) and for single course purchase you may repeat the course any number of times you may want to (within 4 months) as a participant (no video), for you to repeat the course with FULL ACCESS to the videos and code ANY NUMBER OF TIMES IN A YEAR there is a small repeat fee of $99.00 (we might waive this fee in special situations), For package buyers you may repeat the course any number of times in ONE YEAR.
What do I get in your unlimited package?
Unlimited Software Testing Training for ONE YEAR includes EVERY course we offer at TrainingRite Open Unlimited Access to QTP, Selenium, LoadRunner, JMeter or SoapUI, QC and SQL courses and to ALL our VIDEO courses, including ALL NEW UPCOMING COURSES FREE !!! Some of the NEW upcoming courses: •VB.NET for Testers •C#.NET for Testers •ASP.NET for Testers •SharePoint for Testers •Web Services for Testers •HTML and XML for Testers Having these skills on your RESUME will make you the MOST DESIRABLE for the job market. Make yourself marketable, improve your resume, add value to yourself, acquire these skills NOW !!! Take ALL Courses, You can take any course anytime, any number of times for 1 FULL YEAR. For better results we “MANDATE” you complete two (2) courses at any given time before you enroll into new courses. If we introduce a new course in the next 12 months, you’ll have access to it. Live Sessions Plus 12 Months Videos Access Plus 12 Months Private Forum Membership *By Paying for the purchase of your course/package you agree to the following: - $99/month, MUST purchase subscription for 12 months. – Absolute NO Refund policy after 24 hours of making the payment. – Streaming videos cannot be downloaded or saved. – Videos will be provided for every class you enroll. - Unlimited training for 12 months, two courses at a time. - We cannot support your computer issues. - Download links to Free/Evaluation software will be provided.
How can I register?
You can register online from our home-page or


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